Haines, Alaska

In Haines, you’ll be able to go on tours, day trips and cruise shore excursions to see rare birds such as the American Bald Eagle.

You can go on the Eagle Preserve Float trip, which lets you float you through the Chilkat Valley, where these breathtakingc birds have been nesting for many, many years.


You’ll be able to soak in the beauty of glaciers looming above you while taking your four-hour cruise.

Native Alaskan

To meet the native people of Alaska, think about taking the Tlingit Village of Klukwan tour. This tour permits you to learn about some of the important traditional customs of the people who have made their homes in the area. About 1,700 people live year round in Haines.

Haines is all about your wildest dream of Alaska with history, wildlife, scenic beauty, arts and culture.

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