Juneau is the starting point for nearby attractions such as cruising Glacier Bay, whale watching at Point Adolphus in Icy Strait or Lynn Canal and bear viewing on Admiralty Island.

Admiralty Island

In Juneau, you want to journey to Admiralty Island to tryout their bear viewing safari package that they give. You will get a chance to get on seaplane in Juneau and land on Admiralty Island, where you’ll be permitted to photograph bears innocuously at their eating grounds.

Taku Glacier

The Taku Glacier Lodge flight in addition to the feast package is another enjoyable choice. You’ll get a chance to fly to a wilderness lodge and enjoy eating a smoked salmon lunch, while trying to look for native wildlife on the various trails near the lodge. If you want to seeing Alaska’s famous glaciers, then go on the

Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay National Park Cruise, which is a day cruise that travels around the National Park where you can enjoy in the majesty of these icy mountains, while getting a sense of the history of their creation.

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