Seward is well known as the gateway to one of the Alaska’s breathtaking scenery: the Kenai Fjords National Park, featuring spectacular glacier and abundant wildlife.

Kenai Fjords Tours

Kenai Fjords National Park boasts spectacular glaciers and abundant wildlife such as harbor seals, Stellar Sea Lions, eagles, puffins, birds and whales. Your cruise will take you through Resurrection Bay, the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, and then either the Aialik or Holgate Glacier.

Wilderness Sled Dog Ride

While you’re in Seward, you should consider the Wilderness Sled Dog Ride.

This tour permits you to savor thrill of the sled dog team working as one to take you through the wilderness. Don’t worry if there isn’t an abundant amount of snow, because these specially designed sleds work with or without the any of the white stuff. Don’t forget to spend a little bit of time visiting the puppies on the site!

Godwin Glacier Helicopter tour

Seward is also a wonderful place to do a Helicopter tour. You’ll get a chance to soar above some of America’s most majestic mountains and also get a chance to take a quick hike on Godwin Glacier. While on Godwin Glacier, you can get a chance to try running a team of snow dogs, regardless what the season!

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